Baby Clinic

Our health visitor is in attendance every Wednesday morning for weighing babies and to give general advice to mums.

Childhood Immunisations

As part of our child health surveillance programme, we strongly recommend all parents to bring all their children for their immunisations. The health authority will advise when these are due.

Immunisations are administered by appointment at the same time as mothers post-natal appointment. If you have questions or concerns about immunisation then please speak to a doctor, nurse or health visitor rather than just not bringing your child.

Please ask the practice nurse for a detailed schedule of which vaccinations your child should have and at what age given.

Adult Immunisations

We recommend that our older patients (over 65) and those in “at risk” groups (eg diabetics, lung or heart disease cases) are vaccinated against flu and pneumonia. Ask at reception for details.


The practice nurse can provide up-to-date information about all aspects of travel-related health issues including malaria prevention and vaccination. Please allow several months before you travel.

Family Planning

Our GPs and nurses can deal with contraception enquiries, including emergency contraception in routine consultations, however IUD fittings and implanon insertions have to be prebooked. Dr Blaney and Dr Sundar specialise in coil fitting and Implanon insertion. Please book double appointments for coil fittings etc and let us know the reason for your appointment, so that all necessary equipment can be made available.

Emergency (“morning after”) contraception is also available at any time from the nurse or doctor.

Breast Screening

As part of the national breast-screening programme, ladies aged 50-64 may be asked to attend for this service by the Breast Clinic based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Self-examination is encouraged to detect any lumps. If you are at all concerned, make an appointment with a doctor or nurse. Never ignore a lump in your breast!

Cervical Smears

We recommend smear tests every three years for all women between 25 and 49 years old and every five years for those between 50 and 65 years old, unless advised otherwise. The test can be carried out during surgery times by any doctor or nurse, but please book a double appointment. You can also have a smear taken at the six week postnatal examination.


This is an effective and quick way of removing warts, verrucae and minor skin tags. Dr Ward runs regular clinics. Ask at reception for details.

Minor Surgery/Joint Injections

Minor surgery and joint injections are carried out at the surgery.

Non-NHS Services

Some of the work doctors are asked to do is not covered by the NHS remit and you may have to be charged a fee. These fees, based on British Medical Association scales, are chargeable for such things as countersigning driving licences, insurance forms, letters to lawyers etc. Our receptionists will advise you if any fee will be due.

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